V-4 Vertical Patio Windows with Vinyl Memory Film

4 Track Stackable Vinyl Windows with trapezoid transoms
Get more seasons out of your porch, screen room or gazebo with these vertical sliding windows with patented "memory" vinyl glazing.  You can bump, kick or poke it and watch it return to its original state in seconds.  Using clear or tinted vinyl instead of glass makes these units lightweight and easy to operate.  You can have windows from floor to ceiling with the safety of tempered glass, without the cost. Stackable design allows you to enjoy up to 75% ventilation while keeping out insects and debris.  Each window is custom made for an exact fit into your porch opening.
Memory Vinyl Window kick test             Memory Vinyl window punch test


  • Vents are glazed with 10-mil vinyl, available in Clear, Bronze or Grey tints

  • Sturdy extruded aluminum frames come with integrated full screen

  • 4 Standard Colors and 6 Fashion Colors Available

  • Window frames mount from the outside with a 7/8" mounting fin

  • Units recess approximately 1 7/8" into the opening

  • Maximum width is 60";  maximum height is 101"

  • Spring loaded sashes can slide up or down to create 75% ventilation

  • Easy removal for cleaning - all vents are the same size

  • Windows designed with either 3 or 4 stackable vents, depending on size

  • Aluminum 2x2 Extrusions available for customization of openings

  • Fixed rectangular or trapezoid storm windows also available

Aluminum Vertical Stacking Windows w/Memory vinyl vents Window Measuring and Information
  • Measure opening at top & bottom, left & right and use smallest height and width sizes for each opening

  • Be sure there is room for the 7/8" mounting fin all the way around the opening

  • Standard deduction from rough opening will be 1/4" in both height and width to guarantee fit

  • Most windows will have 4 vents, some may have 3 depending on size


Standard Colors

White Almond Bronze Sandstone

Fashion Colors

(25% cost increase)

Clay Brown Cranberry

Hunter Green

Raven Black Colonial Red

1.  E-mail your Rough Opening Sizes to us for preliminary pricing.  Please include your choice of frame color and memory vinyl color (clear, gray or bronze) along with your zip code so we can Estimate your shipping charges.  Let us know if there will be a storm door or any storm windows (transom over door, small panels next to door or walls, trapezoids in Gable ends, etc.).  If you would like to attach a picture of your porch, it really helps us understand what you are trying to accomplish, but that is not mandatory.

2.  We will send you pricing via e-mail for any windows or doors you request.

3.  If you would like to proceed, we suggest you take Horizontal measurements at the top, center and bottom along with Vertical Measurements at the left, middle and right.  E-mail us the smallest Horizontal and Vertical measurement for each opening.  We will create a written Estimate with your actual opening sizes.  Double check the measurements on the Estimate with your actual measurements for accuracy. The windows will be reduced in size by 1/4" in both height and width to make sure they fit.  Since these windows are custom made and cannot be returned, showing the sizes on the Estimate protects both you, if for some reason they were made incorrectly, and us, if you measured incorrectly.

4.  To place your order, you would need to e-mail back your acceptance of the window sizes and call with credit card payment information.

E-Mail to:  info@deckbuilderoutlet.com

1.  Your window order is placed into our production schedule.  Depending on the time of year and our order volume, it takes from 2 - 4 weeks to manufacture your windows. 

2.  Once completed, your windows are crated and shipped to you via common carrier.  You will be notified of the carrier's name and contact info the day that it ships.  The carrier will have your telephone number, but we suggest calling instead of waiting for them to call you.  We will remind you of this in the e-mail you receive the day it ships.

3.  Your windows will be delivered to your specified location on a truck with a lift gate.  The driver will lower the crate down onto street level and usually help you move them with their pallet jack.  Although it seldom happens, please check the crate for any visible damage.  If you notice anything that may cause damage to your windows, take a picture of it and have the drive note the damage on the Bill of Lading.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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