Finally, a totally self-contained Solar LED Deck Light that doesn't have wires.  Just cut a hole in the deck and drop the Solar Light in. 

No Maintenance  *  No Wires  *  No Permits

What an easy way to light up your wood deck for safety and beauty.  Whether you have a backyard deck or a boat deck, this solar LED Deck Light will enhance your deck's beauty.

3 1/4" Round   4 3/4" Round
Fits into   Fits into
2 3/8" hole in decking 1 3/8" Depth 3 15/16" hole in decking


  • Stainless Steel Face Plate

  • 1 Ultra Bright LED Light

  • 1 Solar Panel

  • AAA-500MAH Rechargeable Battery

  • Illuminates for 8 Hours

  • Automatically Turns on at Dusk, off at Dawn

  • Waterproof

  • 1 Year Warranty


3 1/4" Round Drop-In Solar Deck Light


4 3/4" Round Drop-In Solar Deck Light



1 1/2" Drop In Solar String Light Kit
Fits into a 1" hole in decking or riser
Kit includes 6 lights and a remote solar panel with ground spike