Aluminum Screened Porch Panels
Installation Guidelines
* Enclose Your Front Porch * Enclose Below Your 2nd Story Deck
Our porch panels are not structural and cannot bear the weight of a roof system.  They are designed to fit into the opening from the ceiling header to the floor between vertical supports.  Our screen and storm door panels have a pre-hung door with an enclosed transom above the door.
To calculate an approximate cost for your screened porch, measure the size of your openings and round the total measurement up to the nearest foot.  Subtract out 3' for every door section from the total. 

         EXAMPLE ABOVE:  From the house to the corner post is 12' on both sides and 18' across the front.  The door is centered on the front 18' section.  You would have 12' + 18' - 3' + 12' = 39 Linear Feet and 1 Door Panel.