EcoVantage went the extra mile in designing its pergolas to be one of the highest quality kits manufactured, yet extremely easy to install.  The pre-assembled 8 1/2" double beams have 24" 3 x 3 solid post attached at each end with a 12" tail overhang.  These beams are notched to accept the 8 1/2" rafters, which are also notched to fit perfectly into the beams.  Both the beams and rafters have beautifully rounded tails and all edges are rounded to a soft finish.

The post sleeves are made using 4 custom moulded 5 1/2" tongue and groove deck boards.  These pre-assembled sleeves are designed for a snug fit of the 3 x 3 beam posts. 

There are two pergola mounting options.  If you are installing the pergola directly to the ground, simply bury the thermally modified 3x3 into the ground below the frost line (if applicable) leaving about 24" above the surface.  Simply slide the post sleeves over the 3x3 posts for a solid ground installation. 

For installations on concrete slabs or existing decks, Junction Wood offers our Flush Mount kit.  These black powder coated steel brackets stand 24" tall.  They can be attached directly into any solid foundation.  The Flush Mount brackets include a 24" 3x3 post that is moulded to fit snugly into the bracket.  The post sleeves fit over the brackets and are secured with 3" screws (included).

Post Locations:  The inside of the post sleeves sits 16 3/4" from the Beam tip and 17 5/8" from the rafter tips.

Although we do offer standard 4 post pergolas from 8' to 16', every pergola is custom made to order so you can create your pergola as a perfect fit to any outdoor setting. Custom size pergolas are priced by rounding the measurements up to the nearest 2' increment.  For pergolas over 16', another set of posts must be added, allowing for lengths up to 32'.


2017 Pergola Prices

Tip to Tip Sizes

Beam Length

Rafter Length

  8' 10' 12' 14' 16'
8' $1,875 $2,053 $2,215 $2,382 $2,405
10' $2,053 $2,105 $2,375 $2,425 $2,735
12' $2,215 $2,375 $2,515 $2,750 $2,953
14' $2,382 $2,425 $2,750 $2,690 $3,120
16' $2,405 $2,735 $2,953 $3,120 $3,315



Powder Coated Steel Flush Mount Kit